Empower People & Businesses to Grow Globally – Profitably.


The Challenge

The SEM / Online Marketing Industry has 2 dire issues, Lack of Knowledge and Talent.



Global SEM Partners empowers people with the knowledge to increase profits, while empowering businesses with flexible solutions to acquire and leverage that knowledge-able talent.

We’d like to tell you a bit about the industry challenges/opportunities, and how Global SEM Partners fits in:



Many businesses don’t realize it, but their biggest opportunity (and the biggest threat) comes from other countries. In this day of the internet, going global is not just opportunistic, it’s crucial. We help you drive your global marketing strategy, and overcome language and operational challenges.



We are much more than just an “SEM” company for you. We help with overall business consulting, user experience, conversion optimization and more. That being said, the number one priority of every business is customer acquisition. The most scalable and consistent solution is SEM. Accordingly, we focus on helping our clients master SEM first.



Building a business is a complex challenge. Just “doing SEM” can hurt you, not help. You need a partner. You need every team member involved in your business to be invested like they are a partner. We are your partner, and we lead by example. Global SEM Partners has a sacred commitment of partnership, not only to your business, but to our own employees. You can have the confidence that our employees are invested in, and are partners in your business, partners that YOU want.

“How do we act like partners?” you ask?

We look beyond “metrics” like CPC & CPA, to understand how the internet impacts your bottom line, and identify how to drive the maximum profit for you. Our team isentrepreneurial and empathetic. Our partners help you take things like “customer experience optimization” from an ephemeral concept to tangible steps that will make your customers happier, and you richer.

The Team

  • David Jaeger - Global SEM Partners Foto

    David Jaeger

    CEO / Founder

    David Jaeger is an industry veteran, having launched his own startup in 2004. Since then, he’s personally helped over 200 businesses not only profitably scale their marketing (using SEM), but also consulting with them, to optimize profit and customer experience throughout the saels/fulfillment lifecycle.

    Prior to launching Global SEM Partners, he worked for a variety of companies likeRazargator, doing their business strategy & SEM. In 2008, he launched the PPC/SEM division for National Positions, an INC500 SEO company, which grew to managing over $30 million/year in revenue. In 2014, with the success of the division, it was spun off into it’s own company – Lagentia Internet Marketing. Along the way, he had the honor of helping businesses troubleshoot a number of challenges, and mentor close to 2 dozen employees.
    He left Internetmarketing.net in 2014 to launch Global SEM Partners, to focus on helping the industry in a much larger way.

    He’s a die hard adrenalin junkie, father of a beautiful little boy, and (very) amateur snow-boarder and MMA fighter.

  • Michael

    Michael Waldner

    Partner, Branding Visionary

    Michael’s years in senior business directorship boasts of celebrated successes. His vaunted accomplishments are applauded throughout the international business community. His celebrated successes span the global plain of commerce, from Payment Processing to Marketing and Branding, Michael is responsible for bringing a variety of mid-size corporations to the billion dollar caliber.

    Michael’s keen business vision and astute command of the science of branding has been credited for his innumerable accomplishments. Identifying, capturing and maintaining the attention of the consumer demographic is key for any business and Michael has proven to own this.

  • avatar

    Chaim Hirsch

    Partner, Customer Experience

    For over 20 years, Haim has been applying Customer Experience and Human-Centered Design principles and methods to developing digital strategies and insights for real people, as a practitioner, trainer and coach, for Fortune 500’s like Kaiser, down to small businesses.

    His secret passion is improving people’s lives, driving value, increasing revenue by fostering an organizational appreciation for human-centered design and design thinking, and integrating these valuable methods into all processes.

  • Tony Metton - Global SEM Partners Foto

    Tony Metton

    Partner, Director of Usability & Conversion

    Tony is an experienced usability and conversion optimization expert. He’s developed custom scripts for Google Tag Manager, and is a certified Google Analytics partner. The conversion optimization audits and tests he’s run have lead to lifts of 30-80%, and millions of dollars in increased revenue.

Team Leaders

  • Andrew Peek - Global SEM Partners Foto

    Andrew Peek

    Partner, Senior Business

    Andrew Peek has been in the internet marketing and sales industry for nearly 6 years. His career began working with an importer in Tallahassee, Florida who sold their products on eBay, Amazon & their own domains. Andrew managed their AdWords advertising and optimized detail product pages to increase conversion rates. After a move to his home town of Tampa, Florida he partnered with a previous real estate investor to start a Automotive accessories etailer. Andrew grew this company from $0 in revenue to over $7 million at it’s peak. Andrew’s primary focus and interest is in Internet Marketing & Advertising Management, he decided to leave this company to work with multiple clients to provide the same success.

  • oded

    Oded Gross

    Partner, Senior Business

    Previously the CMO at Cellz.com, Oded has broad ecommerce and paid media buying experience. His broad experience driving millions of dollars in revenue in competitive ecommerce industries allows him to help clients master both Adwords and the overall online marketing and retention strategy.