Today we’re going to talk about a secret way to optimize at the keyword level for your Google shopping campaigns. Yup, you read that right – optimize at the keyword level for Google shopping campaigns.

You’re probably used to bidding on products and not keywords. So, how do you optimize for keywords?

When you do optimize a Google Shopping campaign, you can’t bid on keywords; you can add keywords as negatives. One slick way of bidding for keywords that are more targeted and raising the bids on them is this…

How to bid on keywords in Google Shopping In 4 Easy Steps

  1. Duplicate your existing Google shopping campaign
  2. Then in your duplicated Google Shopping campaign go through your keyword list
  3. Depending on what your conversion rate is go and put a negative on all the keywords that have never converted, but have over X amount of clicks (let’s say 10-20 clicks)
  4. Also put a negative on any keyword that has converted but as higher than your CPA target

What this method will get you is a Google Shopping campaign that’s focused just on your highly performing keywords. Now you can get super aggressive with your bidding.

So, you just literally duplicate the campaign and add the negative keywords, raise the bids, and you’re able to get a better ROI.

Why bid on keywords in Google Shopping?

Just as a quick note, we’ve seen accounts with this type of structure… and in our experience, you can get about a 25% lift in ROI off of the more targeted campaigns. Well that average is probably about a 10% to 15% lift in overall revenue just by doing this simple little trick.

So, go ahead and optimize your Google Shopping for keywords.

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