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Can You Double Your Business In The Next 30 Days Using Adwords, even if You're A Small Business?

HINT: With The Right Training, Many Businesses CAN!

This Ex-Wantrapeneur cracks the Adwords PAID MEDIA Code, trains Adwords Gurus in 30 Days, and Builds an Agency managing over $100 Million in Ad Spend!

Dear Friend,

The biggest hold-up in growing your business is profitably channeling prospects into your website, and then into your business is sales/leads. Adwords is arguably the most effective place to find your hot prospects.

"Your prospect is in an active hunt-mode, and they are desperate to talk to you. You just need to BE THERE!"


Yes! I understand that if I order the PAID MEDIA Course by September 7th, that for only $997, I will get:


Adwords Training Course – Unlimited access to 12 Videos covering the PAID MEDIA formula (regularly $1,497)


30 Minute Personalized Marketing Consultation – a 30 minute consultation with CEO, David Jaeger (worth $349)


30 Day Access to Campaign Building Tool –  (worth $47)


30 Day Access to Private Adwords Support Forum –  (worth $50)


30 Day Access to Email & Live Chat Support –  (worth $300)


30 Day Access to Focused Mastermind –  (worth $200)

Total Value: $2,443 Mine For Just $997 Today!

If Adwords is so powerful, why aren't there more Adwords advertisers?

There’s a perception that Adwords is only for “big businesses”, and that you need to have an experienced Adwords guru either on staff, or through an agency to successfully navigate the waters.

For the most part, that is unfortunately true.

You need a different level of mindsets, strategies and tactics if you want to profitably scale your business using Adwords.

 Typically, it’s only the big businesses that have the resources and experience to take full advantage of competitive marketing channels like Adwords.

However, the Adwords PAID MEDIA formula is one that I’ve cracked, and helped hundreds of businesses to quickly double their performance.

Back at National Positions, where I built their SEM Business to millions of dollars in billing a year, we even got recognized by Google for the remarkable success some of our clients got.

Below is a Google case study from a small business that went from spending $2,000/month to $20,000/month in spend, because we brought their cost per lead down 75%! There’s also a case study of a large IR500 retailer that we were able to significantly increase their revenues.

Google Recognizes The Results We Drive

In Short, the PAID MEDIA Formula can work across many industries and business sizes

Discover The 9 Steps Formula To Scaling Your Business On Adwords within 30 Days

A visual element for each feature, some text to explain the benefits plus the sheer number of features make this an effective selling point:

Performance Targets

Performance targets is the most important element that, when done wrong, will sink a campaign. You'll discover:

  1. The 6 Types of Performance Targets
  2. The Laughing To The Bank vs. Back against the wall performance targets + spreadsheet
  3. How to Tie Business Goals into Adwords Reports
  4. Breaking out e-commerce vs. lead gen targets, and tracking offline performance

A.d Copywriting, Landing Page Design & Product Offering

The second crucial element of successful advertising is having competitive & compelling copywriting. In this module, you'll learn:

  1. Understanding High Converting e-Commerce & Lead Gen Best Practicees
  2. The basics of copywriting - Value vs. Friction
  3. The 5 Steps to a High Converting Website
  4. Resources to build your website/landing page in 30 minutes flat!

I.nitiate Quality Score Hijacking

Understanding Quality score is a crucial element of successful PPC advertising. There are so many myths (and truths) around Quality Score that you need to know before you launch a campaign

  1. The top 6 mis-conceptions around Quality score
  2. Why it all comes down to Offer & CTR
  3. The 5 Elements of Every Ad Copy Offer
  4. How to dissect your competitors copy to get the highest CTR
  5. Strategies for effective ad copy testing

D.eploy Effective Campaigns

The next thing most people get wrong is the launching of optimized campaigns. Google is not in the business of serving you, but their shareholders. There are dozens of little ways they try to  suck your money, and unless you know the "ins and outs" of the Adwords platform, you will waste money. In this module, you will learn about:

  1. Match Types
  2. The essential "jargon" in a Google account, and what it all means
  3. How to navigate the Adwords interface, and the little places they hide crucial data
  4. Campaign structures and types
  5. Bid modifiers, search query reports and so much more!

M.anage Advanced Settings

The basics are a good start, but you also need to know about the advanced opportunities in order to take full advantage of Adwords. Some of these opportunities are:

  1. 4 Different Types of Modifiers available
  2. Different Ad Extensions
  3. Advanced Campaign types like remarketing/dynamic remarketing, DSA's, shopping & more

E.rase Underperforming segments

Once you have launched your campaign, you need to understand how to effectively optimize your campaigns, so you can squeeze the most performance out of it over time. We discuss a mix of mindset and tactics, like:

  1. The 5 Bid Optimization Terrorists - those bosses/clients/inner voices, and how to deal with them, so you can optimize effectively
  2. Understanding the "bid automation" strategies available, and what to/not to use
  3. Strategic Ad Copy Testing
  4. Negatives, bid modifiers and so much more!

D.evelop Automation

There are a number of tools available for automation, many of them available within the Adwords interface. We'll talk about:

  1. The 3 places you can use automation - building, optimization and reporting
  2. Understanding the Adwords tools - Rules, Scripts and API
  3. How to use Google Ad Customizers
  4. Some great Ad Testing Scripts

I.ncrease Scale

Once you've covered the core of Adwords, now's the time to discuss other opportunities. In this module you'll learn:

  1. Adwords vs. Bing/Yahoo
  2. Bulk Importing Features
  3. Key Differences between Google & Bing (age/gender, device modifiers, networks and more)


One of the most surprisingly challenges in SEM is reporting. Exporting from Adwords and analytics can just suck your energy. In this module, you'll learn the free tool we used to create automated dashboards....

  1. Paying for reporting tools vs. Excel vs. Sheets?
  2. How we cut 20 hours/week of work with excel, and what we eventually ended up doing
  3. Cheap & Free ways to report effectively, along with formulas, dashboards and more. Yum!

Get access to our PAID MEDIA Adwords Course now!

Our comprehensive Adwords training course will give you everything you need to successfully launch your next Adwords/Bing Ads campaign.

Is Adwords Only For Larger Businesses?

Unfortunately, this has been somewhat true.

Historically, only bigger businesses have been able to afford talented Adwords Gurus, and invest the money required to succeed. We run an agency here that focuses on those larger advertisers.

Typically, when a business decides to invest in marketing themselves using Adwords, they immediately realize they don’t know how to manage Adwords effectively in-house. They are faced with 3 unpalatable choices:

Hire an Agency vs. Hiring an Adwords "Guru" vs. Training Internally?

If you’ve tried to do Adwords internally, it’s very likely you’ve failed, and often you won’t even know it. Your internal marketing person simply doesn’t have the resources to master Adwords in 30-60 days.

Try hiring an agency like ours, and it’s EXPENSIVE. On top of a budget commitment of $10k/month, you’re typically looking at agency fees of $2,000-$5,000 every month. We’re the nice agency, too. Other agencies will lock you into contracts.

So, maybe you’ll go with hiring a PPC expert. That’s an even bigger challenge. Since you don’t really know what makes PPC actually work, it’s incredibly hard to filter out the “Real” Adwords gurus from the talkers. There are a ton of people out there who have managed millions of dollars in spend who are completely unqualified. There’s not a ton of the real quality Adwords gurus, and you’re definitely not going to easily find it easily.

Sounds like you’re stuck, huh?

I was STUCK with a BAD PPC TEAM, and I DIDN'T even KNOW IT

Truth is, once upon a time, I also thought that only bigger companies could play in the Adwords space, that the PPC game was a lot harder than I really thought it is, and that since I couldn’t afford the premium rates, I’d be stuck with sub-par employees.

However, a surprise favor I did for my brother changed my life.

Let me take you back to 2011, my brother Sholom was right out of college, and needed a summer job. At the time, I was running the SEM division for National Positions, and got permission from my then-boss to hire him during the summer.

I had a small team of 2 employees managing our PPC clients. They cost a lot of money, and always complained about the ridiculous job offers they were getting from our competitors. They also complained about the “workload”, and basically forced me to do most of the work I was paying them for.

Knowing they were right about the ridiculous job offers they were getting (I was getting them too…), I figured I just had to put up with their behavior, and just work harder.

All that changed 2 months after I hired my brother, Sholom.

He was a solid kid, and pretty smart. He sat there quietly, took my employees haranguing, and put his nose to the grindstone.

After two months of him working on our team, I reviewed his numbers, and I was SHOCKED.

My inexperienced, just out of high school brother was MORE PRODUCTIVE THAN MY OTHER TWO EMPLOYEES COMBINED.

Ever have experience something that makes you re-assess behavior you just took for granted as “the way it is”, and realize that it’s just COMPLETELY INEXCUSABLE?

I had that AH-HA moment right then.

I walked into my boss, and told him, “we’re pivoting our business, and focusing on hiring people with no experience, and training them like crazy”.

If my brother could master Adwords in 30-60 days, so could anyone else who’s decently trained.

Over the next 4 years, I refined the Adwords PAID MEDIA Formula.

Bottom line, you’re smart, right?

If my younger brother, and over a dozen employees could master Adwords in 30-60 days, so can you.

Seriously, many of my employees run their own multi-million dollar businesses (or agencies) using the PAID MEDIA formula.

If they can start from zero, and do it, you can too.

James - Auto Light Pros, Shares How He Built a 6 Figure/month e-Commerce Business in Under 2 Years...

"The techniques I've learnt from David Jaeger at National Positions allowed me to take my ecommerce business to 6 figures/month within a year of launch"


Adwords Can Be Used by ALMOST any BUSINESS

We’ve successfully launched Adwords campaigns for 200 businesses across dozens of verticals. We’ve had an 85% Success rate in increasing sales/leads for them. However, we have hit some roadblocks, and have discovered 4 elements that significantly impact your business.

If you are in a business where your prospects don't actively look for you, or the people that are looking aren't a good match, or you're not sure if you're budget is a good match for your budget, take our quick quiz, and discover whether ​Adwords is for you...

What Challenges Will I Face After I Buy The Course?

The PAID MEDIA Formula will give you the tools to double your business. Unfortunately, the course may not solve all your problems. I hate to burst your bubble. There are Four Challenges that the PAID MEDIA FORMULA can’t solve:

1) Taking Action – The Adwords PAID MEDIA Course is about 8 hours of video. You won’t be successful in Adwords if you don’t actually finish the videos.

2) Getting Stuck – This power-packed course has a lot of content, and is a great guide. You may find your mind-blown, but then get stuck on some of the details. You’ll get stuck with “too much to do”, and not sure exactly how to implement. The course is simply a guide. You need to actually pick a direction and execute.

3) Doing The Work – Adwords isn’t an “EASY” channel. It takes quite a bit of tedious work. Those are hours of time that even buying the course can’t shave.

4) Doubling Revenue Can Break Your Business – Unless you’ve created scalable processes, we’ve found that most businesses break when they double very quickly. You’ve simply never planned to handle double the clients/customers, and systems start breaking quickly. Surprisingly, this is one of the biggest challenges you’ll face as you master Adwords.

6 Ways To Buy The Course, & Tackle These Challenges

Note: They Mostly SUCK

1) Power Through & Launch Your Campaigns – If you’re the type of person that can just buy the training course, ask a couple of questions, and implement, more power to you! We have a tremendous amount of respect for you, and this course is perfect for you. However, there are some revolutionary extras that will make your life much easier, and put your campaigns on steroids!

2) Go Back & Hire An Agency/PPC Person – Once you’ve gone through the course, and now understand the power, and process of a good Adwords campaign, you may decide that the business will do better by you managing someone doing the work. This is a very wise decision for many businesses.

3) Hire A Business/PPC Coach – You can also un-stuck yourself by doing all of the work yourself, but getting coaching from an experienced Adwords professional. This could be a good match, if you can afford it. However, you may find yourself over-paying – and doing all of the work. Adwords Gurus are NOT cheap!

4) Join A Mastermind – If you want to cut your expenses, you may decide to join some paid (or free) forums focused on Adwords. Or perhaps, you’ll get a group of friends together who also do Adwords. The challenge with this is, the mastermind is only as good as your network is. Additionally, it’s scary sharing your private business information with other people, as it can make you lose your edge in the market.

5) Buy PPC Software – The PPC Software companies of the world will try to convince you that software is the way to go. Automation creates better performance, cuts your costs, and gets more done! Just pay “us” 3% of your spend. Frankly, they are lying. There’s a whole industry of nerds out there that want to convince you that machines can do the job way better than humans. They have invested hundreds of millions of dollars in building software and dashboards that make it so convincing. It’s simply NOT TRUE. You will pay a lot of money (for the half decent ones), and you still won’t have cut your time on campaign building, as these developers haven’t actually tried building campaigns before building the software. They just need to keep building the edifice to justify your investment. Chances are, you’ll convince yourself not to do anymore of the hard work, and your campaign will start suffering, without you knowing. However, there is a place for software and automation in PPC, and we’ll share it with you in the course.

6) Call Google’s Support Team – This is the funniest option of them all. You would think that if Google builds a support team, that their team knows something about Adwords. There’s nothing further from the truth. Those guys/gals on the other end? College grads, who don’t know diddly squat about business and copywriting, or even the Adwords interface and Adwords policies. There’s no faster way to mess up your business than calling Google, and asking them to “help you”.

Introducing: PAID MEDIA UN-LEASHED Program

Our team is all about getting people results. We want to give you the best shot at affordably cracking the PAID MEDIA formula for your business.
You can’t afford to pay for the course, and then not implement. We can’t afford to just create a training solution that you might not use.

So, we spent months of market research, talking to other players in the game, and clients of ours, to see what we could do to give you the highest chance of success with the Adwords training course.

We are calling it the PAID MEDIA UN-LEASHED program. It’s a revolutionary mix of tools, team and training, that will keep your business growing, every month. It’s far more affordable and effective than any comparable solutions.

Once you sign up for the Adwords Paid Media course, on your included call, we will discuss your options to either use the PAID MEDIA UN-Leased program for free for 30 days, or the best package for your needs.​

Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

Add your guarantee statement or money back guarantee here. Describe what your guarantee entails as well as a reason why you're offering it. It's also worth testing different guarantees against each other, although offering a standard money-back guarantee is a fairly safe bet.

Get instant access to our PAID MEDIA COURSE now!

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