If you do this in B2B marketing: STOP

Talking about the B2B sales cycle in my last two posts made me think of a high-ticket selling mistake I keep seeing everywhere… Even my current two large clients and a prospect struggled with this issue.

You see, often times if you’re dealing with a higher end sale (and even on the lower end side) a lot of people make this mistake in both their sales and in their marketing, copywriting work flow…

They’re trying to sell their product first, (or whatever their end game is) without selling the next step.

See, sales and marketing are both a dance. At the end of the day, somebody engages with your message, your vision, through multiple mediums whether it’s in person, or it’s an email, or it’s on a pay-per-click ad. It’s all the same message and there is a flow that comes before somebody buys. But that flow is different depending on the type of product you’re selling.


Don’t sell high-ticket offers, sell this instead

So, for this specific scenario we’re going to talk about a high end product or service. In this case, you’re trying to sell somebody on a different way of thinking, on becoming a part of a different group. And with that in mind, your first step should be just selling them the next step without overwhelming them.

Many people get so lost in this. They’re focused on their end goal and they want you to buy the marketing service for a million dollars a year without knowing what’s there to offer. Before they invest in you, they need to know what their pain points are, and you need to be able to identify and connect with that and show them a vision of light through that tunnel. Get them closer the solutaion, one step at a time.

So the bottom line in the sales and marketing side is you’re not selling them to buy your product. You’re selling them to engage with you… to solve a specific problem that they have.

And therefore your marketing copy shouldn’t be “hey! come buy our product, hey! do this” but instead, it’s simply “contact us to discover how you can solve X problem” and it will make your life a lot easier. So again – emails, calls, pay-per-click, whatever you’re doing, your focus should be on that next step of engagement. What’s the next step that the prospect need to take in order to solve their own problems, in order to walk further into the sales cycle with you…. figure that out and use it.

How to figure out your specific sequence of next steps

Selling the next step may sound simple, but implementing it in your own business may prove to be trickier than you thought. That’s especially true if you use multiple marketing channels (as you should be) to promote your business.

And it’s worth the effort: once you figure out the sequence of next steps you need to sell, getting buyers for your high-end offers will become a natural process.

It’s all about using your data to fine-tune each part of the customer journey. And that’s something we specialize in. Give your prospects a seamless experience, and constantly sell them the next logical step (so they don’t have to take a huge leap of faith when they buy your high-ticket offer). Sales will flow like never before.

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