Today, I’d like to share a little about my experience in successfully building businesses, both from the inside, as a PPC Agency owner, and as a consultant who has worked with hundreds of businesses, from startups to Fortune 500’s.

Do you have a 5 Year Business Plan, or Are You Just Winging It?

The Challenge: There’s so many “tips” “tricks” and “techniques” out there, especially for those of us who enjoy the nerdiness, that we often get stuck in the day to day of the next way to make “the big bucks”.

It doesn’t help that marketers keep pushing “the latest, biggest opportunity” in order to get our attention.
Lucky for me, I’ve always had a vision of building a “real” business, one that I could sell one day and retire/support my children off of. This has forced me to hold our businesses accountable to creating long term value.

You may ask me, “Well, why shouldn’t I just hustle for the next buck? Isn’t that being productive? Don’t you need to be innovative in order to be successful?”

So, I’d like to share a little story with you about a younger David. It’s one that can perhaps give you some insight into how to “see” the bigger picture before you start your new business, or help you re-align your daily activities with that bigger picture activity.